Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Here are a few more Guatamala pictures, courtesy of Ila Abernathy.

Child's drawing, El Tesoro 31 de Mayo, Uspantán, Quiché

Guatemala Project remains an ongoing, open ended, head-in-the-clouds and toes-in-the-mud, practical exploration of the provocative question asked Jesus, "Who is my neighbor?" Its strengths are continuity (the "intercambio" began in 1993), flexibility, respect for indigenous cultures and indigenous self determination, the collaborative nature of the work, and you. --Ila


Anonymous said...

As an Episcopalian I need to respond to your blog. It seems disturbed to me, as a Christian, and some it just wrong. You say your witch friend, does no wrong...they offend God, and reject Christ!!! What is more wrong? Then you post this evil symbol, that really just seems over the top...wrong. What are you trying to say, evil is good and Christianity bad, black is white and white is black? Lady you need spirital help. Most of your blog ramble is just nutty, and I wouldn't take the time to respond to this foolishness, but I am a fellow Episcoplalian that is honor bound to reach out to help others---I have listened to many of Fr. Smith's sermons and many others at St. MichaelAA, I know some are radical in their inclusiveness---but you carry this to the absurd. If you do not repent and get serious about being an Episcopalian you take Communion with us at the risk of your spiritual well being and eternal life. Christ and the Apostles had much to say about who is and who is not in the Church and why. They did not in any way have an completely open door policy---read your Bible, they had much to say about evil people and the Church. You seem the victum of some of these sermons, think about it, many of them are about politics and not very spiritual at all. They are about forming an "inclusive" political gang really, not about asking to do the true Will of Christ and His Church, as we all should. I will pray for you, hope you get it together.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Aargh! I can't imagine what "evil symbol" is meant by the anonymous commenter. Something in the child's drawing? And how does behaving compassionately toward a non-Christian offend God? Nutty, indeed!