Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New Camera

Anyone who looked at the pictures I uploaded recently from Confirmation and Bishop Smith's visit probably noticed that they were, well, terrible. My five-year-old Mavica digital camera just doesn't handle the church interior well. Everything comes out too dark, and when I lighten the image it just ends up grainy.

However, my wonderful husband (you haven't met him; he's an atheist) gave me a new digital camera for my birthday. It's smaller and lighter, and it measures its resolution capability in megapixels (4.0). Best of all, it's capable of taking reasonably well-lit photos in the relatively dark church interior.

Here are some samples, taken March 13th, 2005, before and after the 10 AM Mass. More will follow: I hope to photograph the choir and parts of the 10 AM liturgy on Palm Sunday.

The main altar during Lent. Photo by KFB.
The main altar.

the coals for the incense.
the coals for the incense.

Proscovia lights the candles.
Proscovia lights the candles.
Father Smith
Father Smith.

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