Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mary's Eggs!

I've seriously neglected this blog recently. Let me start to make it up to you, "you" meaning anyone who actually bothers to visit this blog. Tonight: Mary Urich's eggs. Tomorrow: a photo essay on the St. Michael's "prophetic sign."

Mary has been making egg ornaments for a number of years now, designing and experimenting all along the way. One of her more recent innovations has been to use goose eggs to accomodate larger, more ambitious patterns.

Most of the eggs shown here are goose eggs, photographed shortly after Christmas at the St. Michael's coffee hour after the 10 AM Mass.

This last batch is chicken eggs:

I'll have a second entry with more eggs sometime between now and Easter.

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FrankM said...

Thank you for the pictures of the beautiful eggs. Their originality, too, is striking. The Easter surprise shows through them like a sunburst through a window.