Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just Some Photos

No deep words this time, just some photos I never got around to posting. Click on any photo to get to see a larger version in a small photo album of images from St. Michael's.

Remember, if you are a St. Michael's parishioner, you are invited to submit your photos, poetry, prayers, opinions, essays, rants, announcements, fiction, etc. for inclusion here. I ask only that it be at least tentatively related to the church, faith, mission or ethics. You can email me at mavarin (at) aol.com, or give me your submission in person at any 10:15 AM or feastday Mass. - Karen

Feast of St. Francis 2008

From St. Michael & All Angels Arts
Textile show and sale, October 2008

Align Center
Episcopal School Sunday 2008

Episcopal School Sunday 2008

Pilgrim Womble. This is the best I could get from a distance.

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